I’m finally at the point I’ve been waiting for.

I am finally done my undergrad. I finished strong, I got the grades I aimed for and more, I got the average I needed to pursue a masters in the future.

Now there’s just everything else.

I have to start looking for full-time work, I’ve got to start cleaning the house, organizing it. I have to start budgeting for all these trips I’m trying to make this year. I have to budget for a downpayment on a house that I plan on buying with 2 others next year. If it actually pans out, we’ll see. I have to start saving up for paying off my school loans, I have to get rid of things I don’t like in my current wardrobe and then buy only the essentials. I have to get new underwear and bras. I need to look into masters programs, and look into studying for the preliminary tests for it. I need to start working out again, and eating better. I need to start buying groceries and meal prep. I need to pay off any sort of debt I have big or small.

The list goes on. I just feel overwhelmed.


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