Whenever I come down from a high, I always want you. I feel like I’m going crazy, I close my eyes, and see you there. Your body over mine. The way your hands flow over my surface. The way your touch makes my skin feel. The way the sound of your breath takes away my own. I can’t speak, even though I want to. I feel paralyzed almost; nervous- ashamed, vulnerable- yet I don’t want it to stop.

My feet curl up as you take your hands and move them up to my breasts. You squeeze them, and instantaneously, I moan yearning for more. Your hand reaches over my pants. I know you want me. You rub my clit with the fabric of my pants. You feel how wet I am. And suddenly, the rubbing intensifies. I’m soaking for you and you can’t wait anymore. You grab my hand and, make me follow the lines of your body down to your hard dick. Your pants are on but I feel you throbbing for me. You put your hand over mine, as I rub that hard fucking dick over your sweatpants. I love how it feels. Firm; thick, and long. I feel your veins pulsating around it. I can feel your blood rush through you as you hastily tear my tights off of me; as my hands make its way down your pants to feel that fucking sexy rock hard dick.

I can’t wait to have you anymore. I feel the tension build up between us and even though it’s only been minutes since your lips touched mine, they rush down towards my wet pussy. You kiss my other lips, as I spread open my legs to make way for your tongue. Your fingers dive into in my hot wet pool as your other hand fondles with my clit. I can’t control my body any longer. I twitch, and twist, and moan. I can’t stand you teasing me any longer. I want you so badly. I grab that fucking dick closer to my pussy. I let you feel the warmth of it. I let the tip, slightly dip into me. You let out a deep sigh because you know you want to fuck me. You want to fuck shit out of me. Suddenly you grab my ass. You squeeze it hard as you bring my cheeks closer to your body. You drag me until we can no longer be apart from each other. Your hand ever so gently wraps around my neck, and then, you choke me – as you shove your dick inside of me.

I feel you right now. I feel my insides quivering. A rush of fluid flows through as you rhythmically pump in and out of me. I can barely hang on to the edges of the bed as you thrust your body into me. I wrap my legs around you bringing you in tighter. You feel how tight I am for you as you let out a moan. You breath heavily into my ear as you fuck my brains out. I’m throbbing for you baby. I force my fingers down your back as I move my way up to your broad shoulders.

I love your whole body. Every bump on your skin, every follicle of hair. I never want to stop feeling you. You put your fingers through my hair and tug it. You demand I turn the fuck around. You twist my hair around your hand and turn my head as the other hand flips the rest of my body. You shove my head down to the pillow. Your fucking dick all wet from being inside me only wanting more. You pump into me as my ass pushes back. Your long dick goes deeper and deeper into me.

You take my hair and tug it back. One hand holding my hair while the other hand holding my waist as you ride me. You slap my ass as you thrust into me. Authoritatively, you ask me if I like it. I moan “yes baby”. You slow down the pace and demand I ride you. I climb on top of you. My hand caresses your body and I’m sublimed by how sexy you are. I take my hand and grab your dick – still so hard for me. I play with you a bit. I fondle that dick around my pussy, you try to thrust it in any chance you get. I don’t let you. I’m in control now. I watch you wait patiently as I move your dick back and forth across my wet pussy.

You’re frustrated, I’m driving you crazy. I laugh. You moan. I finally put that dick in. You let out a sigh. My ass claps back onto your thighs as I ride you. You love the way it feels don’t you. You grab my ass and feel it land onto the palms of your hand as I move my body up and down that rock hard dick. I love riding you. I love how deep that dick goes, I can’t get enough of you. My tits bounce with my hair as I move up and down…


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