Sending Letters to the Universe

Dear universe,

The world wide web has provided me with catharsis. It has healed so many wounds, and all the writing and all the thoughts, become less and less as I forego newer journeys. I’m ready to take different things on and embark on new challenges. I’m finally understanding what it feels to be whole.

One of the conversations that have been coming up for me a lot is religion. Specifically Christianity. It honestly makes me feel happy to be a part of that religion, to learn about it. Over the course of my life I’ve found many reasons to explore the religion and have always been interested in understanding it.

Though my personal belief still stands that I do not believe in a Deity of any sort, understanding Christianity has helped me understand myself.

Connecting with my boyfriend’s parents have helped me see a new light. They have taught me more in the past year than the lifetime I’ve spent with my own parents. They are so wise, smart, patient, kind, understanding. I truly believe the universe brought me to the parents that would help shape me to be a better person. to hopefully become the mother I want to be.

To be the lover I want to be. I have learned so much. I finally feel whole again. I feel as though the whole inside of me, my inner core is just filled. Filled with hope. Filled with relief. Filled with joy. I feel calmer and kinder. I feel more relaxed.

I’m hoping this isn’t just an emotion. I’m hoping this feeling is here to stay. Everything I’ve ever put out to the universe has helped me overcome my obstacles.

I finally understand that I am the captain of my ship, but I do not control the ocean. The tides are controlled by the universe and therefore, so am I.

Love always,



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