[Day 16]

  • Went to church in the morning with my boyfriends parents
  • Made some friends in the class I attend there –found some commonalities
  • Really starting to feel good about going
  • Surprised my boyfriend with his favourite sandwich
  • Hung out with him and his dog again
  • Super relaxing
  • Went for dinner with one of my really good friends from Calgary and had a great catch up session. So thankful for her
  • Came back to my boyfriends house and hung out with his parents –talked about weddings and wedding rings and dresses and how expensive it all really is.
  • Talked about our plans to go to Japan
  • They want me to go to Pittsburg with them this summer
  • We saw my graduation photo proofs
  • Didn’t study today but needed this weekend to be stress-free and it felt good to do so

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