What I want in a Man.

Sigh take 1…

I’ll probably have to redo this

But I guess I gotta try since this was my homework

I want someone intelligent, smart and ambitious.

I want to be with a man that is willing to help us live a comfortable life. I want to make enough money to bring the table, but I don’t necessarily want to be the sole “breadwinner”. I want someone to financially team and succeed with.

I want someone to travel the world with, try different foods, try new experiences, try new things, learn new cultures, languages, mannerisms, fashion, etc. I like to completely immerse myself in the uniqueness of another country in as many aspects as possible, it would be cool to have a partner that appreciates the same

I want someone who is family oriented. I’ve been indecisive in the past about this, but I do hope to raise and have a family with a partner someday. I want that partner there from start to finish. There thick and thin, someone to help raise the child with me, someone to grow old with. I want someone that would take the initiative to help with the early stages of childcare, and also be there to help them grow to beautiful human beings. I want someone consistent.

I want someone who’s slightly social. I’ve danced around this idea for a while, and I think I need to make a decision about this if I’m just speaking frankly and imaginatively. Someone as social as I am would be cool, but I worry that we may clash in limelight. I don’t want to have the limelight stolen, but I want it shared. I want someone charming enough to share the limelight with me on the rare moments I have it. I usually stay out of the limelight, I’m better one on one or drunk but I love someone to have fun with and someone that isn’t shy or ashamed to be with me. I want someone who’s proud of me and isn’t scared to call me their own and treat me as a queen… or a goddess as some would say! LOL

I want someone who’s generally clean and sanitary, as the bare minimum requirement. I can have slobblish tendencies at times but for the most part I tend to be a clean, neat and organized person. I’d want someone to at least at the bare minimum respect that or be similar in that way or share that as a common end goal.

I want someone funny. Someone who makes me laugh, cheers me up when I’m down, and I hope to do the same for them . I make a lot of people laugh, and I cheer a lot of people up. It would bring me great joy to share that with my partner. Someone who understands my sense of humor and to have someone who’s humor I understand as well. I’d hate to misinterpret it and be offended when it was meant to be a joke. I’d want someone where I could tell the true different between a good joke and a “I gotta cover it up as a joke”. Someone that I can just have hilarious banter with once in a while. Someone to have inside jokes with. Someone where if we just give each other a look we’d burst out laughing. I do have depressive moments, and I’m sure my partner may have some too. I’d hope that we have enough happiness to be able to combat those sad times together.

I want someone who’s able to be vulnerable and genuine with me. I want pure feelings and emotions to be shared once in a while. Not everyday, but every so often when the moment feels right. To be randomly complimented on who I am as a person to them, what I mean to them, how I make them feel. Someone to make me feel beautiful on my “I feel ugly” days, someone to affirm that we’re great together and we’re going to grow together. Someone to motivate and inspire me. I want someone who isn’t afraid to show me how they feel, and is honest about their feelings no matter how sad or angry or scared they are. I want them to be able to share those moments with me so that I can support in anyway I can. If something I did bothered them, I’d want to know. I want someone I can be emotional with as well.

I want spontaneity. I love surprises, I love random last minute plans with the right people. I also love planned surprises. I want someone willing to go the extra mile once in a while to do something romantic or cute or sweet with no real reason required.

I want someone who would never forget my birthday or our anniversary. Someone who can plan accordingly for those things would be cool as well!

I want someone who likes the simple pleasures of life: art, nature, food, music. The quality of them all and to be able to enjoy them together would be fantastic. I want someone to explore every facet of those things possible.

I want someone who challenges me to be a better version of myself and someone who I can help do the same for.

I want bomb. Ass. Sex. Like freaky shit. Rough shit. Nasty shit. Raunchy shit. I want it all. I want someone who can make love to me in one moment but also give me excitement factor. I have different moods and I like a variety. I want someone willing to be able to try new things in the bedroom. Foreplay, role play, costumes, new positions. Someone who’s also accepting of me not necessarily being the GREATEST in any of these things but willing to try them out and have fun regardless. I want someone who buys me sexy lingerie they want to see me in and then completely enjoy it. I want to dance on someone and give them a strip tease.i want someone who thinks I’m sexy, someone that can’t get enough with me. Someone who wants sex often, till we physically can’t anymore LOLOL. I want someone that I can fantasize about day and night * sighs deeply in love *

I want someone to read books with, watch tv with, watch movies with. Someone who appreciates my list of things is like to do. Of course I want someone that allows us both to practice our individuality, it will be a balancing act for sure but hey a dream guy is a dream guy right?

I’ve had an ex that wasn’t far off from this list at all. And if I ever do decide or choose to work things out with him maybe things really will be different this time. I suppose I’m being naïve and hopeful contrasting this morning’s journal entry… and like I said I may have to tweak and add along the way… I really want to be honest with myself and I may not be able to at this time.

Right now, all I can think about is him. I’m worried its impacting this list but also maybe that isn’t such a bad thing? He was a lot of things I wanted in a man, he was also a lot of things I didn’t know I wanted in a man but got as a bonus. And now my future men if I decide to move on have big shoes to fill thanks to him.


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