Best Day in the World!

Hi Baby,

I just wanted to wish you the happiest birthday ever. You mean so much to me, and despite our (or my) fusses and fights with you, I just want you to know that. I know I get so upset and emotional sometimes, but it’s just because I love you with my whole heart and sometimes I feel like I’m taken for granted. Over the past 3 years, you’ve really taught me what it means to love someone and work through a relationship. To never give up and to keep trying if it’s worthwhile. No matter how many arguments or fights we’ve had, I’ve always felt that the good always outweighed the bad. I really love you. I know you’re the one for me, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but sometimes my fusses and fights really come from a genuine place. I don’t mean to come off entitled or rude or mean, but I just hope that someday you really will appreciate the love I have for you. And until then I can’t keep trying to control it or tell you about it.


Ever since I met you I always felt a connection towards you. Literally the minute we locked eyes at Swiss Chalet, it really did feel like love at first sight. I couldn’t believe how cute you were, and on top of that you were sweet, polite, kind to everyone, and funny! You had such great taste in music, you always gave me the most greatest hugs ever, I always felt the most purest form of love with you. I still do to this day, even when you make love to me, but like really make love to me, I feel it. I feel it throughout my entire body, mind and soul. I’m always craving that. I’m always craving that affection from you cause the love you give is soooo addictive. I can’t get enough. Even the week before the Kanye concert when we had our mini Starbucks date, just walking around Trinity and talking with you to catch up, was so nice and genuine. I didn’t expect us to hang out for that long, but I’m so grateful that we did! Bumping into Troy and Sabrina that day too was really cute ahah! The Kanye concert will forever be the greatest date of all time. And then to top it off, the hike to forks of the credit on acid, I’ve never felt more safe with someone like you. I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone. I have so many horrible flaws about myself, one of them being that I just can’t trust people (men in particular), and don’t get me wrong, I don’t completely trust you, but to know that I trust you enough to do the things we do together is a lot for me.


To have a 3 year commitment with someone, is something I never thought I would achieve. Usually I get bored and want to move on, but it’s never been a dull moment with you! I know you think you’re boring, but I always have so much fun when we do things together. I know that I complain about the fact that we hang out at home too much, but it’s only because again, I feel like because you see me so often you take the time we have together for granted. But honestly I’m a dynamic human being just like everyone else; I can both love and complain about the fact that we always hang out at home. No matter what, I always have a great time at your home. I love your family, I love Shadow, I love you. Your parents are some of the most kind-hearted and understanding people I have ever met, and I think if you waited to introduce me any later I don’t think we would have lasted LMAO (just kidding). Your siblings are great, and I’m so thankful that I get along with them. I love your friends too! They’re such a great bunch and I enjoy spending time with them and hanging out with them. You meet a lot of great people and I’m glad you have them in your lives.


I love everything that surrounds you. Your music tastes, your interests in pop culture, technology, food, life, travel, anime. I’ve learned so much from you and I still keep learning more and more. I can only hope that you can say the same things about me, but I guess lately the longer I’ve been dating you, the less I’ve known “me”. I know that’s something I need to work on. I guess I just consume myself with you so much that I forget who I am in the process. I love the things we have in common, and I think our differences keeps things spicy. I’m pretty sure since you’ve met me, you’ve tried more food than you ever thought you’d be open to! And I’m so happy for it. I love trying new things with you! Remember when we went to that German restaurant?! Ugh I just love that you appreciate art too. I feel like it’s something I really can’t do with many people. Not enough people genuinely spend time and effort consuming music, visual arts, dance, film, culture the way you and I do. And I think our appreciation for it is what makes us such a great couple. I never want to lose that. I love art. It’s always been a big part of me, and I think love is an art too. You’re art to me.


Life is so much more beautiful with you around. More often than not, I’m always happy being around you. You’ve saved me a thousand times over through all my mental breakdowns. You’ve been there for so many of my tears and sadness. I don’t think I’ve ever been this vulnerable with someone in my life. And I know you think I’m evil for saying this, and as much as it broke my heart to see that photo, that day when you cried meant so much to me. It meant that you could be vulnerable with me too. I know it was just one time, but nonetheless just know that’s what I want. I want raw, vulnerable, genuine, pure love from you. Cause that’s all I have for you. And I can’t love myself the way I love you. I thought about it. How could I possibly orchestrate surprises for myself the way I do with you? I genuinely enjoy seeing you happy. I enjoy showing you the love and affection I have for you, your happiness is my happiness. You always say that to me, but I think I really walk the talk about that. I always do whatever I can to make you happy. Simple pleasures like massages, and rubs, and cuddles. I’ll sometimes pay for the bill just to treat you, I never miss a heartbeat with you, I follow up, and I care deeply about you, I never forget important things about you. I always keep tabs on you, I take care of you, I know your favourite things, I keep track of what you need and what your wants are. In all honestly, all the things I do are the bare minimum you do for a partner, and quite frankly, you don’t. All that I ask is that you be a better lover towards me (i.e. not taking me for granted, or taking advantage of the love I give you, or make excuses that I need to lower my expectations), or lose me



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