[Day 21] The Last Day

So I’ve barely managed to keep this challenge going. A lot of the time I did forget to end my day on a good note and would just fall asleep.

To end this day I’ll say this

  • I was told by my group in class that I was a leader
  • I took a nap today
  • Had an awesome breakfast
  • Tried a new shawarma place
  • Kept my cool with my mom
  • Practiced patience

I think today was a great way to end the challenge. I found myself always ready to write something negative or even say something negative but the whole idea was to focus on the positive. I don’t think I’ve improved in mentality. But what I can say is I haven’t got into any fights with my significant other, I’ve been able to help others, and despite being stressed and angry forcing myself to focus on the positives of every single day was nice.

I think this challenge was a nice way to practice positivity.

Would I continue? No

Why? No good reason other than just coming on here every day to write something. No it’s not that time consuming, and no it wasn’t hard to do. I can’t defend why I don’t want to do this anymore other than the fact that at the end of my days I’m just so tired.

Grateful to be alive though if I were to end this on a positive note


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