[Day 13]

  • My sister saved my life and fixed my hair at the last minute
  • Got my makeup done by my friend and had a lot of fun and laughs doing it
  • She ended up coming with me to get my photos done because I was so nervous
  • The grad photo photographer was so kind and helpful and because I was the last client we got to take our time and have fun with it
  • It was a great experience and I’m glad my friend came with me and had my back fixing my hair and makeup when needed
  • On the drive back we got McDonalds and we talked the entire ride through the traffic to and from my school
  • I dropped her to work and then I came back to pick up my boyfriends sister so that she could come over to my place
  • My boyfriend’s parents loved the makeup and the hair
  • My mom and sister did too
  • We all had biriyani for dinner
  • I went to the movies with my boyfriend and his brother and his dad
  • It was a long busy day but so great
  • I saw everyone I loved today!

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