[Day 9]

  • Went to church with my boyfriend’s parents
  • Had amazing time with them there and back just talking about everything I always learn so much from them
  • My boyfriend kept his promise and cleaned his room and his bathroom by the end of the week based on my minimum requirements and I couldn’t be happier
  • We really had a heart to heart talk today something that hasn’t happened in a while it really made me feel more connected to him
  • Had a great dinner
  • Watched John Wick 2 (watched the other one just a few days before)
  • I was actually extremely honest today. For better or for worse for a lot of things I said but I think overall it was good to let them out
  • I helped my boyfriend’s mom with some gift wrapping project. Always a fun art project at their house
  • Overall such a great day. I feel so grateful for everything.

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