[Day 8]

  • Woke up at 5am since I went to bed at 9am like a grandma last night hahaha
  • Was productive enought to finish both my chapter readings for 2 classes
  • Tried to help cousins plan the trip in April for a bit
  • Saw my babe after work
  • Had his moms dinner
  • Played with Ty
  • Worked on one of my papers for a bit
  • Had some great sex
  • Went to osmow’s got food
  • Got high
  • Took a shot of tequila
  • Watched some UFC
  • Re-Watched a match I missed 2 weeks ago and it was an awesome one at that
  • Hung out with one of my boyfriend’s friends and his sister for a bit
  • Listened to Solanges new album all day long –even had sex to it yessss
  • Overall super happy Saturday
  • Church tomorrow goodnight!

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