[Day 4]

  • High as fuck tn
  • Actually glad I remembered this
  • Did pretty good on both my exams I think. Felt good about it at least
  • Gave a really good head sesh. I enjoyed it at least
  • Sleeping over at my babe’s house… kinda weird and impromptu but nonetheless kinda interesting. Almost a fxllxngxxlx (purposely spelt wrong) vibe… but not quite. Maybe it’s like a first day at the fxllxngxxlx where I’m kinda uncomfortable but sorta not
  • Helped my boyfriend’s mom cook dinner and it actually was fun and not stressful. I really like her, she’s so beautiful. Inside and out. Truly lucky to know her. Thankful about it all the time. Matilda found Ms. Honey. Except that’s a mean thing to say cause my life wasn’t as bad as Matilda’s at all. My parents did try I guess… idk it’s a lot of things.
  • I’m supposed to stay positive in this post!!!!
  • I liked that I was able to catch myself on it and actually actively try to think of more positive thoughts and fade away the negative oones
  • I was proactive on my bus ride home and started reading my chapters for my class. Hey… it’s a start
  • I’m doing what I want.
  • I WENT TO OCEANS WITH MY BABY. And food fight and shoppers and Canada Computers store, and chatime!!!
  • It was really fun. I just felt relaxed and happy all day
  • We got some snacks from oceans like the bbq pork buns and some jelly for nostalgia, I thought I finally found polvaron but it wasn’t a good one. We also got aloe vera juice, and some coconut water. At food fight my boyfriend got the pulled pork sandwich they have on special on Tuesdays
  • He even called me to ask me if I wanted any which was really thoughtful and nice
  • I cut my nails today so I’m ahead of schedule for my self care day tomorrow. So excited to just catch up on my life. Gotta straighten my hair, gotta paint my nails, gotta clean my bathroom, gotta clean my makeup brushes!!!! Gotta be ready for work on thursday
  • I’m excited I think. If I can be an even better person and fit some readings in there that would be great. And some sort of physical activity too. Time to get back on track
  • Watched John Wick –basically watched an entire movie without my boyfriend sleeping through it
  • Happy to be high
  • Happy to be in front of a TV just relaxing no stress and the best part is I feel like I deserve it. I’m proud of myself despite what could have been a waste if $40 for not being able to control my emotions and having my deferred exam be a day later an exam I had the night before. Both written by the same prof? But two different courses about two different areas of the lifespan 😂. well that was a trip
  • Had a great relaxing day. Had some great sex too I might add
  • Okay getting sleepy byeee
  • Forgot to add we went back to my house briefly so I could shower and feel totally relaxed and I brought uppam and mutton rolls for the fam to try. And they liked it!

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