Slow Down

We talked it out, and I think things are going to work out hopefully. My biggest challenge overall is to just slow down, and take things as they come. He may want me to love him in all 7 different ways, and I think all those loves develop with time. And time is on our side if I just slow it down. Slow down my thoughts, slow down my behaviour, slow down my responses, slow down my actions, slow down my life in general. And just appreciate and enjoy what little victories I do have.

I know my blog is filled with negativity. It’s rare that I ever look back on the negatives, and also rare that I reflect on the positives. I have a confirmation bias with myself where I only look for what suits what I think of myself, and those are mostly negative things.

As lame as it sounds, I should start having some positive aspirations of myself. One step at a time I guess.


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