Memories, Personal

New Arrivals.

I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time now.

I wanted to write about my new found family. My whole life, and I think my sister can attest; we have always felt that our family was always so far away. My mom’s immediate family is in Malaysia. My dad’s immediate family is in Sri Lanka. We have never been very close to them, though we would haved loved to be.

My mom has always told us that it was okay that our family was far, because we have many family friends that treat us like family. It was comforting. We did have family friends, and of course, our second cousins — who are like sisters to me at this point. We all grew up together, and we all cherish that about each other.

They invited us to a wedding in Mexico for cousins on their mom’s side (we’re from their dad’s), and as it turns out, their cousins have been searching for family just like us!

We had one cousin who’s parents also have been divorced, they live quite differently to us due to the divorce, but it feels so nice to know we’re not alone. They also live without their dad and I’m sure they’ve struggled in their own way. It felt nice to know we could all come together and be there for each other.

Another two cousins who’ve we’ve especially become close with, also lost their dad. It was extremely sad to know what had happened to them. I felt extremely emotional about it. I still do. I love them very much, they feel like long lost sisters to me. I am so happy that they have come into my life. I feel like I no longer have the weight on my shoulder that I’m the oldest and I’m the only one who can find the answers to my problems. I now have wise, smart, ambitious women above me to carry me and lead the way. I don’t feel so lost anymore. We all have so much in common!

The best part of all is all of these cousins we have met through our cousins are so willing and ready to be a family just as much as we are. It’s such a beautiful thing. I am happy to be a part of this new family, they have welcomed us with open arms, something we never expected. I hope it stays this way.

Cheers to new beginnings, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Image: “Ties that bind” by Domenic Bahmann, 2015 “Editorial illustration for Australian House & Garden Magazine, December 2015 issue. Ties that bind – “An annual get-together is great, but maintaining a connection year-round has physical as well as emotional benefits”


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