Memories, Personal

A Saturday Evening.

Typically, my Saturdays consist of a shift at work till about 4pm or so. Anything goes from there, whether it’s just lazing around at home, spending time with my favourite, or whatever else I’d have to do. Housework perhaps.

This beautiful sunny day in particular, turned out more fun than I had expected it to be. What started off as a simple plan to Demetres branched off into a series of mini adventures (in my opinion) we didn’t stop laughing the entire day. She’s a coworker of mine, but she’s also become a very good friend over time. Lots of fun to be with. Love her attitude when it comes to exploring. We drove to her place, she picked up a pizza. She introduced me to the most amazing BBQ sauce (and I’m not even a huge fan of BBQ) I’ve ever had – which I’ve been strictly told not to share its name (haha!). We took her nephew with us to our journey. He’s adorable. 13. Young, quiet and shy, just the way I like them. They’re just so sweet when they don’t say anything <3.

We got to Demetres, and it was his first time being there, he wanted the Tongue Depressor. I warned him about it. I told him it’s a big meal and he wouldn’t be able to finish it, my friend disagreed and thought that he could finish it cause he comes from a family with quite the appetite. So we made a wager, Loser had to approach a random stranger to beg for money and explain you need it to buy dog food so you can eat it. I got close! I almost won, he almost forfeited until he somehow pushed through and finished the damn thing. I’ll give it to the kid – he can eat!

On our way back home, there was a neighborhood full of beautifully designed and pretty huge houses. They were stunning to pass by. “Old money houses” she called them; because the only people that could possibly afford to live so lavishly obviously came from generations of wealth. The entire neighborhood from the perfectly aged trees, and curated lawns and gardens, the fencing, the brick and tile, the driveways, the ammeneties, everything looked amazing! It was both motivating and heartbreaking. Of course I want to live a simple life, but damn a neighborhood like that can change anyone’s mind. We saw two guys biking down the neighborhood as we drove by, we put our pretentious white male accent on and had a completely dubbed conversation of the men biking who we named at random Bill and

She showed us all the cool crevices of our town that she discovered from driving around. Dirt paths, railway stations, horse stables, random farms. It was all so random and exciting. I got yelled at by a donkey at some point of the journey. Absolutely hilarious! After that fiasco, we went back to her place and started drinking on her balcony, just talking and having a good time, we see her mom roll up towards the driveway… the dishes weren’t washed. We quickly rushed down and started cleaning the kitchen. She loaded up the dishwasher, I handwashed the pots and pans, she wiped the counters, I cleaned the sink. Someone’s gotta do them!

I love watching the banter between her and her sister. It’s so amusing. I honestly wish their banter was on a tv series or something, I’d watch it all the time! Her sister made fried salted plantain, which I had for the first time Jamaican style. It was really good. I really got to start getting plantain in my own house it’s delicious.  I ducked out a few details to be brief, but overall it was a great day. I had a lot of fun and it was a great way to kick off the summer.

Next week: Karaoke. Hopefully! *crosses fingers*


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